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Alien is coming

this is a journal of an alien who has been abducted by human

“ I can't deny that...”
I love Sexy Zone,
Those five kids are adorable, aren't they? They are the reason why this LJ has friends. LOL. You know, this girl is not so good in finding friends online. Fuma owns this girl's heart right after he does rap in IF YOU WANNA DANCE (not to mention his ero pose in magazines)
This group has god-like dance skill and heavenly voices that make this girl understand what it feels like to fall in love at the first sight. Ryota really stole this girl's heart until she feels guilty for cheating on Fuma. Ryota dragged her into the irresistible LDH family and made her sure that skinny boys aren't cool enough
I love D☆DATE,
They are the first reason why this LJ exists. Horii never hurt this girl's heart, so it makes him the place for going home when Fuma is messing with her heart. D☆DATE is the first group that can move this girl's willingness to buy original idol goods besides her not-so-much allowance
and I love KAT-TUN.
KAT-TUN is the first idol group ever that makes her know Johnnys Entertainment. The innocent-faced beatbox master, Nakamaru, trapped her in JE labyrinth until she almost give up to find the exit way, but then Ryota makes a hole on it and now she's even trapped in two labyrinths, JE and LDH
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