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25 September 2014 @ 05:17 pm
Hello everyone! ٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶
This is my very first time translating Japanese article and I did it for Generations. Yahooo~!
I did this to learn Japanese and (if I could) spread the love for Generations X)
Japanese and English are not my native languages, so I can't guarantee this translation is 100% correct.
But, I did try my best not to make any misunderstanding.
They were talking about their roles in GTO, please enjoy~ :D

sorry, no scanner available at the moment (|||.)

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20 September 2014 @ 12:06 am
Hello, I'm super excited after seeing some reports about Gene in Vietnam!
Thanks to Vietnamese fans who shared it with us, I'm grateful to you X)
I hope the event will go smoothly. Also, I hope they are still healthy!
Their schedule must be tight and the weather is probably too extreme for them...?
Yeah, I just hope everything goes well and nothing bad happens.

Anyway, I made a Gene wallpaper for the first time! ↓

(credit: texture to ele22, GENE raw image to gene-saikou)

I shared it on my twitter though, but feel like sharing it here, too. LOL.
I'd really love to make their wallpaper again, but the problem is I still don't know any proper raw image provider (especially when it comes to magazine scans). I need HQ pictures of them, but I can't find it anywhere :<
Even so, I really thank everyone who shares their image, though not the HQ ones :D
Big hug for everyone X)
Hmm, come to think of it... I can make icons instead of wallpapers...
Well, let's see~ ;D

Oh, I also made some SZ wallpapers, you can check it here :)
Words: Maria Okada

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stream here

[Personal notes]
Personal notes
As I stated earlier in my other post, I'm really in love with GENERATIONS xD
I love Ryuto and Ryota's voice, soooo beautiful!
Also, their dance skills are really really amazing! XD
Moreover, they have english version for their main song in a single!
Don't you think it's cool? LOL
I think the japanese version lyric is more beautiful, but the english one is also nice.
It has simpler meaning than the japanese one, but, that simple lyrics make it realistic, so I can relate to my life XD
yes, even though it's still a cliche
Really, I've found them at a perfect timing and I'm truly grateful for that XD
Honestly, I'm not sure whether I want to involve myself deeper with EXILE fandom, but... I'll just let it flow XD
I dislike this feeling of being a newbie and understand nothing about everything happened in the agency.
If I think of it, everyone was once a newbie in everything, right?
So, I don't know... I'll just keep my feeling for them and see what will happen in the future XD

Anyway, good luck for "Always with you" single and EXILE TRIBE PERFECT YEAR 2014 Live Tour!
27 August 2014 @ 11:03 pm
Whooaaa, feel like blogging after what I've been through lately XD

I watch GTO every week and I think the story is interesting.
You may say that I'm just biased or whatever since I know many people said GTO 2012 is much better than this, but who cares? XD
When I first know the casts, I was surprised because Horii Arata is also in it.
I love Horii before I know Fuma, so yeah, he's like my past love LOL
But every time I watch GTO, the love grows again eventually XD
I can say that Fuma is no longer my only motivation to watch GTO, I mean every cast deserves more attention. Haha.

And someday, Fuma was rumored to be dating Sairi Ito.
I couldn't hold myself to know more about her, so I checked her twitter XD
When I opened her twitter, I found that she shared a video from GENERATIONS (Always with you).
I played that video and....
I was like...

That time, I learned that Kiritani-kun and Usami-kun are GENERATIONS' members.
And they are Katayose Ryota and Sano Reo XD
I was really attracted by the heavenly voices and god-like dance moves, so I searched more songs. LOL.
And I ended up only listening to their songs this past week XD
The more I know about them, the more I love them!
I mean, they are just amazing! Why didn't I know them earlier? Aaargghh
I was searching about them and learning about EXILE thingy which was kinda complicated at first XD
The best part of it is when I know GENERATIONS is going to release a new single on September 3.
I couldn't help myself but to pre-ordered it right away XD
The date is just perfect for me, so yeah.

Ryota is my favorite member, at least until now.
Idk, his facial features are cute XD
I'm not sure whether it's his lips, eyes, eyebrows, or what, but something makes him really cute.
And his skin is not that white, makes him look manly somehow XD
Ahh cute, I can't describe it XD
He's even cuter after I read some trivia things about him XD
Other members have their lovely side too, so I'm still learning about them. LOL

Can't wait to September 3! Coming soon, please!
I need English version of Never Let You Go!! XD
Anyway, this is the video that makes me fall for them ↓

09 August 2014 @ 09:58 am
I miss DDATE so much and Glory Five concert is really really touching ;__;
[oops, a little spoiler]The most touching part is when IG gave some encouragement words to other members... and Horii cried that time. I feel youuuu ;A;
But, that was a great concert after all.
I love it!
So, I decided to make a cut video out of their performances and I chose JOKER!
Anyway, did you watch episode 3 of GTO 2014 which the main story is about Horii?
I think the story plot is kinda similar to this song... or is it just me? XD
Well, please enjoy the video! cause this is just my second time playing with aegisub XD

DOWNLOAD || 480p || 65.3 MB

Thanks to
choihaeni for full raw video
akumanobonnou for lyric translations
quietusyipsum for kanji + romaji lyrics
26 July 2014 @ 08:36 pm
I made a bunch of Sexy Zone icons here at fake_crescent
The images are from their summer concert in Saitama that I found on twitter.
I don't know whom to credit since many people re-posted them. lol
Anyway, kindly check it if you want :3


It's been quite a long time since my last time sharing icons.
I never feel satisfied enough with my icons tbh.
Whenever I made some, I looked at them for a while and thought "this is no good".
So I ended up never publish them. lol.
As for this time, I'm sharing because I refrain myself from judging my own works XD
If I look at them for too long, it's likely I won't share them again.
So, before that happens, I just post them right away.
Please tell me what you think and/or I should do to improve myself if you could ;)
Thanks in advance!
15 July 2014 @ 07:23 pm
Hello world! xD
I finally decided to make a graphic community and it's called fake_crescent!! xD
Only if you know where that name came from ;)
I will cooperate with rydion9 to run that community :D
It features Sexy Zone and KAT-TUN graphics since those are our favorite group XD (she isn't really into SZ though. lol)
Consider to join if you're interested ;)

...and about SZ new single...
The news is just so heartbreaking. Well, what can I say? :\
Just hope they will be together again anytime soon
I'm not sure whether to buy or not... but how can I refrain myself once I see the cover, hear the song, look at fuma's face, etc D;
Aaaarrrgghhh fml
Why are you doing this to us? D;
alright, umm, I don't know, where should I start from? LOL
As you read on the subject...
There is this band that just covered 4 SEASONS - SEXY ZONE!
and that was Pinch Cox! Yaaaaayyyy! XD

[a little story first]Let me tell a little about them first but please forgive my English >u<
They are a Japanese indie band (only if I could call them so XD) and I love them!
umm, you can say that I randomly found them. LOL
so, the story began when its drummer, Yugo, randomly followed me on twitter.
I just think that he's some random guy who randomly clicked the follow button. haha.
but then I realized that he has way too many followers for a random guy.
so I checked his web and found this band named Pinch Cox, and then I followed him back.

We didn't talk at first, not even greeting or something classical like "thanks for following" or such. lol
And someday, he tweeted about Pinch Cox's new song.
He gave a link to their soundcloud if I'm not mistaken.
Their first song I hear was "Haru no Hanabi" and I was attracted to it without even thinking XD
Idk, I just love their song
I sent him a tweet about me admiring their song. and yeah, we started to talk a little since then.

They produced another song then and our interaction began to be more intense.
yeah, that's because I always respond to their new song X'D
...time flies and they found another way to do their band activities besides composing new songs... yes, cover!
They started to cover songs since a couple of month ago, I guess.
and they also started some program like Pinch Cox TV on their YouTube channel.
First, they cover a song completely with the instruments, I mean all members are involved in the song, Shota on vocal & guitar, Daisuke on bass, and Yugo on drum.
But then after some videos, they don't do the cover with full member anymore, only Shota doing acoustic covers alone. Idk why tho.
I follow them on every video and I got this idea about request a song. LOL
I asked Yugo if I could make one and he agreed. He told me to sent an email to them XD
I was not sure what to request, I believe I would like to request "Heart of Glass" by Shirota Yu cause I think that song suits Shota's voice.
That song would also be perfect in acoustic... BUT I think about Sexy Zone... and think it would be nice if they could cover it XD
I was hesitating on what song and something came across my mind... "4 Season".
Yes, I should request 4 Seasons! since this song is really nice and kinda hard to be sung alone (I was expecting he would sing it with Daisuke and Yugo)
Though I don't really care about them (how rude), but I want 3 of them together show up in the video. So I think Yugo and/or Daisuke could join, even only just to troll around. haha XD
And yes, I finally sent them an email and requested "4 Seasons".

[It's UP!]After a while... my request is UP!
Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw Yugo's tweet in my timeline sharing their new video in Pinch Cox TV and it was this song! XD
Right, 4 Seasons! My request is fulfilled! XD
Only if you know how happy I am XD
And when I watch the video... it makes me even happier!
The intro is so precious
I didn't expect that he would make an intro and said this song is requested by a foreigner. LOL
They even made it with English subtitle hahaha
am I happy for no reason? LOL. I don't care, I'm so happy right now! XD

I bet his voice won't disappoint you :3
So, if you would like to watch it, here~

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12 April 2014 @ 12:38 pm
Hellooo! (ง ˙0˙)ว
My mid semester test is over. Yahooo~ XD
I think it has been several months since my last wallpaper works.
I don't use many textures like last time because I don't find those wallpapers are comfortable to use after all. lol.
But, I don't know... which style you think is better, only adjustments like below or my last work?
I will be happy if you give me your opinion tho XD

Original size is 1920x1080, check out my flickr to get other sizes and works. Here you go~

set preview
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You know, I have to combine parted scans to make them.
Some parts are hard, so, I hope everything seems alright. lol XD
I appreciate any comments and suggestions :D
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21 March 2014 @ 11:39 am
Hello humans~! XD

I think many people use Google Chrome for browsing, so I want to share this theme with you~ hihihi
This is not my first time to make a chrome theme, but yes this is the first time I share it XD
Reason is I don't think my previous theme is worth enough for anyone to download X'D
not that I think this one is worth it though LOL

This theme looks fine on my 1366x768 screen.
Here is the preview of it~


Not so sure, but this theme should looks well enough on any 16:9 screen.
If you download it, please tell me how it looks on your screen :)
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